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promoting effective communication and freedom of speech for 80 years

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Club 17

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Rostrum Club 17

Union, University & Schools Club

25 Bent Street Sydney

Public speaking …

When asked what do most people fear, often the answer is ‘public speaking’.  People would rather walk on hot coals than get up and make a speech in front of an audience – how very true!    At Rostrum Club 17 we can help you become accustomed to public speaking.


What is Rostrum?…

Rostrum is an organisation committed to developing communication and speaking skills in a supportive non-threatening environment.


You will learn how to:

§                Speak before a group

§                Conquer nerves

§                Lead a meeting

§                Give a presentation

§                Debate a point of view


Who comes to Rostrum?


People both young and mature, men and women from a wide range of professional and community interests.  People like you who want to learn how to public speak, whether it be in a work environment giving a presentation or making a speech at a family function like a 21st or wedding.


How often do we meet and how much does it cost?


Rostrum Club 17 meets every second Wednesday at the Union, University & Schools club, 25 Bent Street Sydney at 1pm.

There is no cost to attend our meetings but  regular attendees will be encouraged to join Rostrum Clubs of NSW which has an annual subscription of $75.

A sandwich lunch (including tea and coffee) is available for $10  for anyone who chooses, and there is a contribution of $2 per meeting to the Club 17 funds (which are used to subsidise the annual Christmas luncheon).

Why not visit?


You are most welcome to visit our meetings and you won’t have to speak – just come and see if this is for you.  We have great surroundings for our meetings, and you don’t have to be a member of the Union, University and Schools Club to come along.  Modern professional dress is fine – you don’t have to wear a jacket or tie.  Our meetings are friendly, supportive and we welcome new faces.


What is the next step?


Ring or email John De Ravin even if you just want to come along and observe.  Ring 8295 9751 or 0419 295 435 or Email the Club.


Remember these famous speeches…


“And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” – John F Kennedy


“I have a dream!” – Martin Luther King

Come to Rostrum and be inspired to learn the art of public speaking.

See you soon!