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You are here: Home NSW Voice of Youth in NSW Summary of 2012 Finalists

Summary of 2012 Finalists

Round 1- junior

Prudence Middleton, Caringbah High

Eleanor Soane, Penrith Anglican College

Evan Ding, Reddam House

Madeleine Lovett, Cranebrook High

Rebecca Koelmeyer, Mt St Benedict

Winner: Evan Ding.  Runner up: Rebecca Koelmeyer

Round 1-senior

Sofie Wainwright, Xavier College

Nicky Punsalan, Glenmore Park High

Leah Nye, Tara

Jasmine Noud, OLMC, Parramatta

Winner: Sofie Wainwright.  Runner up: Jasmine Noud

Round 2-junior

Madeleine Renshaw, Sy Vincents College

Damian Lawrence, St Marys Cathedral School

Zohara Mendis, Pymble Ladies College

Lily Henke, Hornsby Girls High

Violet Williams, Ravenswood

Winner: Zohara Mendis.  Runner up: Violet Williams

Round 2-senior

Jonathon Parker, St Aloysius

Emma Henke, Ravenswood

Khushaal Vyas, Sydney Boys High

Lucy Zhang, Pymble Ladies College

Winner: Emma Henke.  Runner up: Jonathon Parker

Round 3-junior

Victoria Tsingos, Kambala

Hannah Blount, Sydney Girls High

Robert Rutledge, Scots College

Anne Wang, SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Yvonne Moussa, Our Lady of Lebanon

Winner: Anne Wang  Runner up: Hannah Blount

Round 3-senior

Jehannah May, Hornsby Girls High

Veronica Murdoch, SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Indyana Schneider, Reddam House

Tanuska Sivashmuga, Sydney Girls High

Imogen Learmonth, Hornsby Girls High

Winner: Indyana Schneider.  Runner up: Imogen Learmonth

Round 4-junior

Ella Crowley-Burrows, SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Leila Williamson, PLC Sydney

Edward Wong, Scots College

Georgina Oates, Hornsby Girls High

Sara Williamson, PLC Sydney

Winner: Edward Wong.  Runner up: Leila Williamson

Round 4-senior

Lokesh Sharma, Sydney Boys High

Emma Williams, MLC Burwood

Joanna Strati, Santa Sabina

Phoebe Chen, PLC Sydney

Clyde Welsh, Newington

Winner: Clyde Welsh.  Runner up: Emma Williams

Round 5-junior

Isabella Monardo, Kincoppal

Lucie Thompson, Smiths Hill High

Priscilla Evans, Arden Anglican College

Genevieve Neich, St Patricks Campbelltown

Taylah Bland, St John Bosco

Jack McNally, St Gregorys College

Winner: Isabella Monardo.  Runner up: Taylah Bland

Round 5-senior

Alexi Polden, Smiths Hill High

Esther Adeyinka, St Patricks Campbelltown

Justina Megaly, Robert Townson High

Dominic Andrew, St Gregorys College

Jessica Hoffman, St John Bosco

Winner: Dominic Andrew.  Runner up: Esther Adeyinka