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Access public speaking training near you or through our online clubs. You will find a friendly, enjoyable way to improve your confidence, public speaking, online presence and leadership skills. You will work with experienced coaches in a supportive environment to reach personal speaking goals. Do you need more confidence to speak up? You will gain practice managing nerves and learn how to refine your presentations. Get comfortable with your online meetings.
The confidence you gain will spill over into other areas of your life!


How can you use Rostrum?

If you have a wedding speech, a work presentation or special occasion speech to give or want to make your meetings run more smoothly, join a Rostrum club and make it happen.

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Raise your platform and elevate your position with these ROSTRUM TIPS. These tips will a least get you started with your personal, business & social goals.


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Find out what Rostrum members love about their club and how Rostrum has helped them to achieve their goals.

Rostrum can help you to find your voice!


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Club activities vary from club to club depending on the members but the main aim is always to help people to better say what they want to say.

Check out our competition speakers and the new member testimonials on on Youtube.


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Rostrum clubs run throughout Australia. 

Find a club near you, contact the club and you can visit for free. You can observe or join in the activities. Your choice.


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National Final, Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition

2:00 pm - 5:30 pmThe Farrell Centre, The Friends’ School, Hobart