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Chris Clohesy is a medico who wants to make lives better. It’s what has taken him to remote Maningrida in the Northern Territory, where he is currently the only doctor. Chris is 600km east of Darwin. Although he is a keen Rostrum member, he had to give up his meetings in order to go. Sadly, the nearest club is over two thousand kilometres away.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our new Online Club has been to get Chris back into the Rostrum fold. Twice a month, Chris joins a group of members from around the country and presents speeches just like in the old days – well maybe not exactly like the old days!

2018 RVoY WinnersGreat Rostrum Voice of Youth National Final in Perth, 28th July 2018

Congratulations to Meg Olsson, National RVOY Coordinator and Juliet Park, RVOY National Convenor for organising such a great competition.

Freeman Bill Butterell's article in the June 2018 newsletter generated several responses from other Freemen.

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DMThe Australian Rostrum Council consists of the Presidents of the seven States and Territories of Rostrum.

We are often asked, “what does ARC do for me?”

The ARC meets about five times a year, four via teleconference and once face-to-face for the AGM.

In between the meetings the work continues. This year, ARC met face-to-face in Perth and conducted a vigorous debate on how Rostrum needs to change and why.


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