Freemen of Rostrum Tasmania*
Clarry Pryor   1967
Helen Hutchinson   1993
Peter Edwards   1995
Frank Gough   1996
Jill Brasch   1998
Linley Grant   2005
Leo Morgan   2005
Russell Watson   2009
Jenny Fraser   2010
David Asten   2011
Rod Fraser   2015
Tess McDonagh   2016
Keith Kube    
Lorraine Redway   2019
Martin Stone   2021
Medallion Recipients*
David Asten Bronze 1996
Peter Edwards Bronze 1996
Helen  Hutchinson Silver 2000
Clarry Pryor Silver 2005
Linley Grant Silver 2009
Gerry  Gunton Bronze 2009
Jenny Fraser Bronze 2010
Keith Kube Bronze 2011
Barry Kelly Silver 2012
Gai Cunningham Bronze 2012
Jill Brasch Bronze 2012
Gai Cunningham Silver 2016
David Asten Silver 2016
Jenny Fraser Silver 2017
Will Cassidy Bronze 2020
Honourary Life Members of Tasmanian Rostrum*
Helen Hutchinson   2009
Honourary Life Members of Clubs*
Roger Viney Club 2 2007
Clarry Pryor Clubs 9 & 14  
Gerry Gunton Club 11  
Peter Edwards Club 3 2017
Winners of the Sir John Morris Memorial Award*
Clarry Pryor   1978
Leo Morgan   1987
Ricky Beswick   2000
Jim McCormack   2005
Jim McCormack   2006
Dave Asten   2007
Jim McCormack   2009
Jill Brasch   2011
Ricky Beswick   2012
Ricky Beswick   2013
Will Cassidy   2014
Reg Harvey   2015
Jill Brasch-Reaney   2016
Will Cassidy   2017
Lynne Ellis   2018
Lynne Ellis   2019
Lynne Ellis   2020
Winners of the Frm Malcolm Grant Not to be Silent Award*
Jenny Fraser   2016
Linley Grant   2017
Peter Edwards   2018
Frank Madill   2019
Winners of the Novice Speaking Competition*
Reg Harvey   2013
Joan Harvey   2014
Fiona Turner   2018
Bree Hunter   2019
Anna Andrews   2020
State Representatives in the Sidney Wicks Speaking Competition*
Clarry Pryor   1980
Clarry Pryor   1988
Clarry Pryor   2006
Winners of the Sydney Wicks Speaking Competition*
Clarry Pryor   2006


 *Current members of Tasmanian Rostrum only. Past Members to be added.

Rostrum warmly welcomes anyone interested in becoming a more confident speaker, and provides regular opportunities to learn and improve at their own pace, and in a friendly, encouraging meeting environment. Rostrum can help you to: Overcome nervousness about speaking. Make better presentations Participate more effectively in meetings Learn how to chair a meeting Speak confidently at events like weddings Take the next step: Click here to find a club Contact our friendly Publicity Officer, Linley Grant on (03) 6234 6672 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  Club 15 invites club 11 to celebrate Winter Solstice at the RSL club in Wynyard on 25 June 6.30 PM prompt. 


Theme:  wear a hat and be prepared to share about it.  


Soup and rolls are provided .


Look forward to seeing you there!


On behalf of club 15


Mary Kille



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