About Rostrum


Who We Are?

Rostrum Australia is an association of public speaking clubs founded in 1930. The original Rostrum club was founded in Manchester, United Kingdom, in 1923. This makes Rostrum the longest running public speaking organisation in the world.

Rostrum is a not-for-profit organisation and is not affiliated with any political or religious group.

Our goal is to help members improve their speaking and meeting skills through regular practise at club meetings. Our network of members support each other in the achievement of professional and personal speaking goals. Our trained coaches give constructive feedback with tips for you to improve your skills and find your authentic voice.


Our Values

Member Improvement

Rostrum clubs improve speaking skills and confidence through regular meetings where members practice and develop presentation and meeting abilities. Personal progress plans are created with the club’s training officer and coach to align with individual goals.

Participate in Competitions

Members participate in speaking competitions to develop in-person and online speaking skills. The Sidney Wicks Speaking Competition is the national event held every 6 years, along with state and territory competitions held at different times throughout the year.

Provides Opportunities

Rostrum offers public speaking skill development for primary and secondary school students through the Rostrum Voice of Youth and Primary Schools Competitions, supported by dedicated members who have been volunteering their time since the 1970s.

Rostrum Membership


Club meetings differ from club to club depending on the member targets. Clubs may focus on our development program, Launchpad or a series of presentations involving work or personal goals of members. Visit a club or visit a few. Find one that suits you. Join and plan your speaking pathway with the club coaches.