Frequently Asked Questions

Every human being needs to communicate and be understood. Our ability to speak clearly and with confidence is essential for day-to-day conversation and interaction. However, the ability to maintain our clarity and confidence when we are in front of an audience is an additional skill that does not come naturally to everyone.

We will all be faced at one time or another with the opportunity to present in front of an audience. It may be at work, at a special occasion, or when we least expect it. The skills that Rostrum members learn and carry with them empower them to seize these opportunities and communicate themselves effectively and with influence.

Skilful speakers are sought-after employees, better leaders, and more confident in themselves. This is because the value and impact of face-to-face interaction is as important today than it has ever been. For over 80 years, people from all around Australia have been setting themselves ahead of the pack by joining Rostrum. Why don’t you visit your nearest club and find your voice?

Rostrum is inexpensive. Fees vary from club to club so you should contact the club for their costs.

Our fees are kept low and discounts are provided in some states. Talk to your local club to find out more.

Fee schedules vary from club to club. Some clubs have half-yearly fees where you pay in advance for the half-year but others are yearly. Visit the club for free for two sessions to check it out.

Visitors are always welcome to our clubs! Call or e-mail the club prior to your visit – some of our clubs meet at commercial venues that have restrictions on entry. A club member will meet you when you attend. Find a club in your state and come along.

No. When you join Rostrum the club training officer will help you move easily into the speaking program. Don’t be surprised if you really want to talk on one of the short notice topics that are used at the club. Our visitors, even the shy ones, often join in.

Yes, many members practise a speech or presentation at a meeting and then take advice from members to improve it. Guests are welcome to take part in scheduled speaking activities, but will need to check with their local club if they wish to practise their important speech, especially if it is lengthy.

Nothing except your enthusiasm! However, if you wish to take notes, bring a pen and notepad.

No. All you need is the wish to improve your public speaking skills.

Rostrum clubs are small, friendly groups of people that meet regularly to improve their speaking skills and gain confidence.

Club meetings vary. You may follow a structured speaking program, nominate specific areas for improvement (for example, presentations, speeches for formal occasions or job interviews), or allow your club’s program director to provide you with a variety of speaking tasks.

Club meetings also allow you to practise running effective meetings.

At the end of each meeting, speakers are offered feedback by a Rostrum qualified trainer who is referred to as a critic, coach or mentor. These trainers are Rostrum members who support other members. Rostrum Council accredits its Coaches through its officer training program.

Here are some recent club agendas from around Australia to give you an idea of what to expect from your visit to your local club:

Club 68 Victoria      Club 3 Queensland

You can also find and contact your local club by clicking on our ‘Find a Club’ page.

It is great that you are keen to be part of Rostrum! Please contact us and we can meet with you about the possibility of starting a new club.