Rostrum Frontiers Program


Does Rostrum have a development program?

Yes. Each member works with their club to tailor a development program. If you have specific personal targets then these are worked into your program. 

You can also take advantage of our Frontiers program. This is a personal development program with three stages which provide you with practice in several of the most common business scenarios that challenge speakers. Simply talk to your club contact and they’ll guide you.


What type of activities are involved?

As an example the first stage of the Frontiers program is called Launchpad (the second is Orbit and the third is Galactic – you may notice a theme).

In this first stage some of the activities included are:

  • Tell us something about yourself
  • Answer a question that has been given to you with some notice
  • Answer a question with limited notice
  • Ask a question giving background information to gain the opinion of another club member
  • Present a speech for a specific occasion of your choice
  • Make a presentation to inform your audience
  • Convince the audience about something you care about
  • Present a speech with passion on an item that you feel strongly about
  • Chair a meeting

Each activity is fully explained in your member compendium and you can choose which of the exercises are appropriate for you.

Talk to us now if you have a personal need or if you have staff members who could benefit from Rostrum’s hands on approach to personal development.