The Commonwealth Games Experience

It was 20th March 2017 when I first heard the Gold Coast Games were receiving applications for volunteers. I thought what an exciting opportunity! So I applied on line. 
In November I was asked to an interview at TAFE, where they asked me why I wanted to apply. I told them of the story of how I wanted to play basketball one day and we couldn't find a basketball court to play in publicly. I told them, I got the community together by getting them to help with an online petition to have a basketball court be placed close to the city. Sure enough, The Cairns City Council was able to get funding from the Commonwealth Games. 

In January I received the email that I won the job! I was so excited. We had the basketball games in Cairns Convention Centre. My role was the Traffic Controller. I was able to use the skills I learnt from Rostrum to confidently direct people to their destination. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so glad I was able to volunteer! 

Jeffrey Rufino Rostrum Club 31 pictured here with the Minister of Tourism Kate Jones, far right.

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