Rostrum's national newsletter Taking Action gives a round up of the national events.  

On this page, you can find and download the latest edition of each of the states' newsletters.  To access previous editions simply click on the relevant link below.

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pdf Step Up May2016 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.54 MB)

Step-Up May2016.pdf

Step Up May2016

In this edition:

Rostrum Voice of youth heats in Brisbane
Sunshine Coast heats
Gold Coast steps up for Rostrum Voice of Youth
Vale David Evans
From the Management Committee
Introducing three new members
Cairns Club 31 report
Paul Halliday reminisces about Rostrum

pdf Wordpower 76 April 2016 Popular

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Download (pdf, 3.07 MB)

Wordpower 76 April 2016.pdf

Wordpower 76 April 2016

Meet the new Freeman Fmn Tess McDonagh
IWD Debate Another Great Debate, RVOY, A Lasting Legacy
Club 15 Wynyard, Fmn Terry Taylor
Jobs Fair, Club 14
News & Market Day
Competition & 11, Pinocchio
Angophora Trees
Club 9 and not silent, 2 New Men, Club 11 News
Big Weekend in Burnie
People and Events

pdf April 2016 Popular

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April 2016

Our newest Freeman - Bernie Ketter
Rostrum and Orange Sky
Club 17 runs the Rostrum Summer Series
Eileen Laracy Speaking Competiton
Club 10 rebuilding with enthusiasm
From eight minutes to a full day: Rostrum helped me do it

pdf Step up Oct 2015 Popular

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Step up Oct 2015

Club 3 turns 71
Carmel gets that winning feeling
Cairns City Club 31 finishes the year with a flourish
StepUp has stepped up
Remembering Freeman Terry Smith

pdf QLD Step Up - April 2013 Popular

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QLD Step Up - April 2013

The second edition of our new magazine.


In this issue:

  • New members at Club 3
  • A new Senior Accredited Critic, Paul Halliday
  • A (very) bright spot in the sky
  • Simply words - chauffeur
  • Back to basics training session from Club 17
  • Above and beyond - Carolyn Broere
  • Secretary's corner
  • What's up in far North Queensland

pdf QLD Step Up - February 2013 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.46 MB)

Feb 2013 StepUp FINAL.pdf

QLD Step Up - February 2013

This is the first edition of our relaunched newsletter, with a new name and a new editor - Marcela Ramirez.

In this issue:

  • Get to know Club 20
  • Ian Olsson's 50 years in Rostrum
  • Pyramid Rostrum Club 13 news
  • Simply words
  • ...and much more

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