Bayside Rostrum Club 54

Bayside Rostrum Club 54

Meeting Time : Wednesday (except 1st Wed of month) 7:15 pm - 9:00 pm Venue : Highett Neighbourhood Community House 2 Livingston Street HIGHETT Victoria, 3190 Contact : Robert 0417 057 453
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About Club 54

Bayside Rostrum Club 54 – the friendly Melbourne Rostrum public speaking club, that attracts people from along Melbourne’s Bayside areas – extends a warm welcome to everyone who wants to learn how to verbally communicate better. The club, which was established back in February 1981, has celebrated more than 1,000 meetings and over that time, has welcomed hundreds of people through its doors.

Some people attend because they have specific requirements that need satisfying. It may be a wedding speech. It may be the delivery of a thesis. It may one of the myriad reasons why people strive to speak better. But whatever the reason, Bayside Rostrum club has been there at the forefront in providing tuition and practice in public speaking along with encouragement to the members who join.

People from all ages and all walks of life, have been members of Club 54 over the years and you too, can discover how Rostrum can make you a better public speaker. Prepared speeches, impromptus, chairing meetings and the art of reading aloud, are all subjects that are explored by the club.

Over the years, the club has been highly successful in inter-club competitions and been awarded the Jo Davis, Gill Lee Archer and Bob Swinton Trophies. Intra-club competition is also encouraged with the Member of the Year receiving the Grosman Hansen Trophy.