Meeting Time : Each Monday at 1:00pm to 2.00pm Venue : CTA (Commercial Travellers) Club, Basement Level 2, MLC Centre, Martin Place, Sydney. Contact : Send Email

About Club 2

Isaac Stern, the world famous concert violinist was approached by a young man in the street, who asked him: “Can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?”.

Stern thought for a brief moment, then replied: “Practice my boy, Practice!!”

Our Club is not in the business of helping aspiring young violinists get to Carnegie Hall.  We are however, in the business of helping those who wish to advance themselves in the practice of:-

  • Public Speaking
  • Chairing meetings
  • Delivering presentations
  • Debating
  • Building greater self confidence
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Enhancing verbal communication skills
  • Broadening general knowledge
  • Persuasively, effectively, and confidently expressing views and presenting proposals at business and social meetings

Our members have varying levels of speech-making skills, ranging from the inexperienced through to those with very substantial experience. But regardless of each person’s level of expertise, every Club meeting is a learning experience for everyone.

At Club 2, the learning process is built on four main pillars:

1. Tutoring from highly experienced Coaches (we call them “Critics” because at the end of every meeting, they deliver a constructive critique of that meeting and offer suggestions about how the speeches might be made more effective and highlighting what everyone can learn from the performance of the Chairman of the day).

2. Regular opportunities to practice your public speaking skills in front of a supportive audience. Members are rostered to prepare and deliver speeches on a regular basis. There are also plenty of opportunities to deliver impromptu mini speeches by answering a Pertinent Question that is posed at each meeting. Sometimes volunteer speakers are able to deliver impromptu speeches on the Subject of the Day, if time permits.

3. Learning from watching and listening to other people as they deliver speeches and act as Chairman at the weekly meetings

4. Provision of helpful and practical written (hard copy and on-line) “tips” on how to develop your public speaking and chairmanship skills.

Most of our weekly meetings feature several speakers who are rostered to speak on a “Topic of the Day”. Everyone has an opportunity to give a brief impromptu speech in answer to a “Pertinent Question” that is posed at each meeting. During the “General Business” section of each meeting, you also have an opportunity to speak either “in favour” or “against” motions.

One meeting each quarter takes the form of a special “Master Class”. This is lead by one of our Senior Critics whose sessions would be the envy of any professional training Guru. These Master Classes are free to members of the Club.

We are a friendly group of people who enjoy learning in a supportive atmosphere.

So why not check us out one Monday. A warm welcome awaits you. For further details, please call:

Membership Officer, Edd Chadbourne  Mobile 044 888 7107

President : Brendan Harper

Secretary: Ashish Sharma

Critics: Geoff Burgess, David Butler, Bill Butterell, Dino Economou and Peter Grinter

Treasurer: Joyce Yip