Club 11

Club 11

Meeting Time : 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month. 6:15pm to 8:00pm Venue : The Box Factory Community Centre, 59 Regent Street South Adelaide 5000,
in the upstairs room via stairs or lift.
Contact : Robert (Bob) Bogner, President, 0409-325-549
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About Club 11

Would you like to improve your confidence and self esteem?  Do you want to have something to say and be able to say it with passion?

Rostrum can offer much in self development.  Club 11 has a mix of members with a wealth of experience and new, younger members who bring a fresh approach.  This creates a well balanced membership whose main aim is to learn from each other and enjoy doing it. Speaking programmes are entertaining and thought provoking. The Club always has the benefit of excellent Coaches to guide and mentor the membership throughout the Rostrum year.

We Welcome Visitors

Members of the public are welcome to attend and participate as guests without cost.  Just visit us to experience one or more of our speaking programs – please arrive at least 15 minutes before the meeting so that introductions can be arranged..

Meeting Format

The meeting consists of two parts:

One part of the meeting is the speaking section. Here members have the opportunity to practice their communication skills with prepared speeches, short-notice speeches and readings. Members are allocated speech topics by the Club Program Director or can choose to present on subjects of their own choice, which could be a practice run for a function that they are planning.

The other part of the meeting is the business section. This covers Meeting Procedure and can involve consideration of the minutes from the previous meeting, reports from Office Bearers and minor speaking exercises.

The Club Coach then evaluates the meeting and members’ contributions. This is an extremely important part of the meeting. The Rostrum Coaches are trained to provide encouragement and constructive criticism. They are helpful in offering advice and suggestions as to how to improve skills for future exercises as well as recognition of strengths.

Meetings normally close by 8 pm.

Refreshments and meals

There is normally a break with tea, coffee and biscuits etc. Meals are not available, but as a member or visitor you can bring a meal if you like.


Halifax Street is the best option for parking. There are plenty of parks that are non permit zone. Carrington Street has a few but a lot more are permit parks. Regent St South also has several non permit parks.

Club 11 Documents

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LINK:   Club 11 Bylaws Resolutions and Procedures