Club 3

Club 3

Meeting Time : Friday, 1:00pm - 2:00 pm, Feb-Nov Venue : University of Adelaide Club Level 4, Union House, North Terrace Campus, University of Adelaide Contact : David Knight
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About Rostrum SA Club 3

Rostrum 3 is a club that has met every Friday for well over 3000 meetings.  Members are drawn from all walks of life and are all male, valuing the freedom of association.

The fellowship within the club fosters a rare camaraderie that nurtures new members. At every meeting, Rostrum 3 members enjoy repartee and intellectual stimulation. Meeting procedure is seen as fun, speeches are well researched and inventive and the minutes are often creative and humorous.

Spontaneity, laughter and much goodwill prevail, but underneath the entertainment, valuable skills are learned. Many current members have enjoyed Rostrum 3 for more than 30 years and so with statistics like that, the Club must be doing things right!

The meetings are held at the University of Adelaide Club, on the fourth floor of the Union Build and commence sharply at 1.00pm, concluding at 2.00pm. A hot lunch is provided at a nominal price.

Learning by participating!

The best way to learn is by doing and so every Rostrum meeting is run as a traditional business meeting. Members have an opportunity to undertake each role, in the Chair, the Minute taker, welcomer of visitors etc. Of course, a main focus is with the prepared speeches and occasional short notice exercises.