Eastside Rostrum Club 61

Eastside Rostrum Club 61

Meeting Time : Tuesday on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month 7:30 pm Venue : Senior Citizen's Club Lounge 895 Doncaster Rd cnr Doncaster Rd and Dehnert St Doncaster Opposite Jackson Court Shopping Centre Contact : Andrew 0421 693 645
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About Club 61

Doncaster Rostrum helps people to learn the art of public speaking and assists them to develop the confidence and skills necessary for effective public presentations.

A feature of our club is that limited numbers are maintained so that everyone may benefit from individual attention and have the opportunity to develop, practice and refine skills at each meeting attended.

We operate to a planned program comprised of a variety of speaking and presentation activities. These may include; prepared speeches, short notice and impromptu speeches, views on the news, book and film reviews, prepared readings, demonstrations, debates, commentaries etc. etc. etc.

Tutorials on presentation technique and skills development are presented on a regular basis.

An experienced coach provides feedback on activities at the meetings.

Our meeting structure and our activities enable you to learn in a friendly and relaxed setting.

Further Information

If you would like more information about the Club, or to arrange to visit one of our meetings, please email our

Membership Officer.