Meeting Time : Our meetings are on Fridays at 7:15AM, at the offices of StudyPerth, 40 Queen Street Perth. Venue : 40 Queen Street, Perth WA 6000 Contact: Graham Minchin Contact : Send Email

Why go to Rostrum Club 19?

Have you ever watched the sitcom “Friends”?

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Sure, they all have faults, but the show is about how they all look out for one another and how they grow together. They have lots of laughs and don’t take things too seriously.

I see a lot of parallels with Rostrum Club 19.  We attract a lot of people who have talent.  People that know they’re not perfect at public speaking, but they’re prepared to put in some effort to improve.

They come along to do and see what I see each week – why I keep coming back:

  • People communicating different views on interesting topics,
  • People progressing from “the jitters” to very accomplished speakers,
  • Discussion of current topics,
  • Varied speeches tailored to each speaker’s capabilities,
  • Positive feedback by qualified coaches,
  • Friends supporting friends – seeing friends succeed and grow!  What could be better?!

Are you like Phoebe?

“I wish I could, but I don’t want to.”

Why not come along and find out?

Our meetings are on Fridays at 7:15AM, at the offices of StudyPerth40 Queen Street Perth. There is public transport and lots of parking nearby on Wellington Street.

Believe me – It’s a great way to start Fridays and finish the week!  You’ll leave the room – as I do each week – “Wow, that was great!  We had some really good speeches.  I can’t wait for next week!”


WINNER – Club of Excellence 2017
WINNER – Speaker of the Year 2017
WINNER – Club of Excellence 2019
WINNER – Club of Excellence 2020

Did I say we are good at what we do too?

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We try very hard to make our club the best it can be, including being inviting and friendly for new people, like you, visiting.  It’s dynamic!  We have a different theme each week.  We vary the structure, and the people chairing and coaching each week.  Having said that we are gentle on new members, and we do things at a pace they feel comfortable with.

“This is all a moo point.”

Public speaking is a skill that you can use for the rest of your life!  If you start coming to Rostrum, you are going to nail that wedding speech, and make yourself so much more comfortable making presentations at work – or anywhere!  Wouldn’t you like to be the friend, that takes the lead and says something publicly – and does a great job of it?

“You can’t just give up.   Is that what a dinosaur would do?”

Go to our meetup page and register to come along.  It’s not going to kill you! Take a look at what the current meeting week theme will be.  They are always different and interesting.  Even with a theme, I never know the content and the interpretation my friends are going to deliver in their speeches!  I love it that way!  You will too!

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A typical Rostrum Club 19 meeting

Rostrum Club 19 Testimonials

Quotes and pictures are from The Washington Post and Scary Mommy