Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33

Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33

Meeting Time : 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month. 7.15pm (dinner from 6:30pm) Venue : The British Hotel, 13 North Parade, Port Adelaide Contact : Bob Pearce
Phone: 0401 107 287
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Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33

To be able to stand up, speak up and persuade is crucial to getting yourself heard and your message understood either professionally, in academic studies, in community clubs, in everyday social settings or to gain confidence in speaking English as your second language.

Many people from all walks of life have joined Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33 over the last six years which provide a supportive and friendly environment to practice presentation and communication skills.

The best speaking tip you will ever get is “practice, practice, practice” We all know that practice makes perfect. Speaking effectively cannot be learnt in a crash course. Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33 offers the opportunity to meet twice a month to learn and practice the art of speaking effectively in front of an audience. You will also learn and practice valuable career and life skills including how to be effective in meetings – as a participant, chairperson, minute taker and speaker.

Best of all, this will be in a relaxed, supportive environment with an experienced coach and a range of new and experienced members. Everyone around the table can appreciate how new members feel the first time they get up to speak as all have “been there and done it” and they all want new members to do well. Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33 membership will draw upon a wide range of private and public sector organisations and community groups, so members learn different styles of communication and presentation.

Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33 will help you become more proficient in crafting and delivering your message and help you with presentations, to think and speak at short notice and assist you with all aspects of meeting procedure.

People will join Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33 because they wish to build their ability to gain skills to further their careers. Other join in retirement to simply sharpen their thought processes and maintain an active mind. Perhaps you have the upcoming task of speaking at a function, or wedding, or funeral or you may need to clinch business deals requiring confidence and professional presentations. Overwhelmingly members agree that being involved in Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33 has built their confidence in delivering presentations and leading meetings involving small numbers of people.

As Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33 is part of a state and national association, members have access to exciting opportunities like “Speaker of the Year” competitions, impromptu speaking competitions, professional development sessions dealing specifically with meeting procedures, new committee member’s roles and more.

One of the outstanding benefits of Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33 is the role that the Club Coach plays at each meeting. An exceptionally talented and experienced coach provides individual feedback on the various speeches, how the Chairperson has chaired the particular meeting that day, how the Minutes of the meeting can be improved etc and awards a “Speaker of the Day” trophy to the best speaker. All feedback is provided openly to the meeting, so all members can learn from this feedback in a very balanced, supportive and useful way.

Rostrum Club members are friendly and supportive, we learn a great deal from each other gaining confidence in improving communication skills in front of a small group of male and female members, who bring to the meeting a wide range of experiences and knowledge from a range of professions, backgrounds and interests.

Meetings are characterised by variety, interest, fun and humour.

Why not visit!

Be inspired, find out new things and laugh a lot. It’s a great way to build your confidence!

Port Adelaide Rostrum Club 33 meets in the Port Adelaide CBD and is currently seeking new visitors to attend. It meets on Tuesday evenings, on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month (with a break between December and January). The cost of annual membership is very reasonable, and you can come as a visitor for as many meetings as you like before you decide to join.

Come and experience something different that just might be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

For more information, contact Bob Pearce, Membership and Promotions Manager, Ph: 0401 107 287 or Email: saclub33@rostrum.com.au