Rostrum Club 10

Rostrum Club 10

Meeting Time : Every Thursday 1.10pm Venue : Brisbane City Library, Ground Floor, 266 George St, Brisbane (also meets via Zoom) Contact : Bernie 0417 609 316
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About Club 10

We welcome all members and guests wishing to learn, develop and practise public speaking and meeting procedure.

The Meeting

Meetings are conveniently scheduled to run over the lunch break for 40 minutes (though lunch is not eaten during the meeting) and conclude promptly at 1.50pm.

Generally there are five prepared speeches varying from 3 minutes to 6 minutes, an impromptu speech of 2 minutes and we conclude with an experienced speaker providing useful feedback on the management of the meeting by the Chairman and the performances of the speakers.


Regular training sessions are held during club meetings to learn the different aspects of public speaking such as preparation, structure, use of voice and body language.

Occasionally meetings will include debating, poetry reading, media skills and effective use of PowerPoint.

As well as public speaking, there is a focus upon the role of the Chairman.  We practise exercises for acting as the Chairman of a meeting including for dealing with complex motions and meeting conflict.


Membership fees are just $50 for each six months.  The training and the ability to practise what you learn makes this fee great value. For new members there is a joing fee of $40 to cover the cost of a membership kit and name badge.

Advantages of Club 10

Club 10 has a spread of novice to experienced speakers who come from a variety of backgrounds.  We are fortunate to have experienced members who are willing to offer the benefit of their many years with Rostrum.  They will support and challenge you to be the public speaker and chairman that you are able to become.  Members find that consistent attendance at meetings yields them dividends.

So why not come along and sit in on a couple of our meetings without cost or any pressure?