Rostrum Club 2

Rostrum Club 2

Meeting Time : Tuesday at 1.00 pm Venue : The Bishop Hay Centre, 121 Macquarie Street, Hobart Contact : Lucy 03 6228 5247
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Rostrum Club 2 aims to provide a friendly, encouraging environment for members and visitors to learn, practice, and grow into confident speakers. We are a diverse welcoming group of individuals with a range of speaking experience.

Why Join Rostrum Club 2?

New speakers will learn from our experienced members.  Capable speakers will be challenged to greater heights. The atmosphere is friendly and non-judgemental; you will feel safe and supported as you learn and practise.

Every time you speak, you will receive constructive and supportive feedback from our friendly coaches. We are a diverse group in terms of age, gender, occupation, interests, and nationality.

Where do Club 2 meet?

Our meeting place is in the centre of the city.  There are numerous parking options nearby, and so is the city bus mall. We meet at lunch time, so it suits city workers and students, and members can bring their lunch.

What is Club 2’s best Public Speaking tip?

Even if you are dying inside, do your best to appear confident. If you seem confident, you will seem more credible; you obviously believe in yourself, so your audience will want to believe you.  The more you practice public speaking, the more confident you will seem, and the more confident you will get!




Visitors are most welcome!
Visitors won’t have to give a speech at the first meeting, or even the second – only when you are ready