Rostrum Club 26

Rostrum Club 26

About Club 26

Our Club welcomes people who:

  • Seek to develop and enhance their communication skills in speaking to small and large groups?
  • Wish to enhance their ability to conduct meetings and committees?
  • Enjoy meeting people and helping others?

Visitors are always welcome, and no-one is asked to speak before they are ready to take the first steps. Our experienced peer reviewers will guide and assist you to build upon your confidence and skills and give you tips for improvement, and you have the option of a mentor if you would like one.

Club 26 is always looking to vary its program, and we enliven our meetings with film, theatre and book reviews, debates, mock trials and varied role playing situations such as weddings, school speech nights, Annual General Meetings and other situations at which person may be called upon to speak.

If you would like to see what we are all about, please contact one of our club officers. Guests are welcome to all meetings, but it will help us if you let us know you are coming. Meetings conclude promptly at 2pm. Club 26 members are strong supporters of the Rostrum Voice of Youth and each year our members serve the community by administering, chairing, adjudicating and timekeeping the heats and semi-finals of this highly regarded school speaking competition.

Currently we hold weekly hybrid meetings via Zoom and face-to-face at Barracks RSL or Zoom only, depending on circumstances.


President: Greg McKay, 0457 930 920
Secretary:  Bryce Cooper, 0407 736 879


2024 Program

Speaking Program for 25 January 2024 – 27 June 2024

NOTE: The Agenda can accommodate special requests from members (please advise at least two weeks in advance). Meetings are conducted via ZOOM and face to face as agreed. Please contact Club’s secretary for details.