Rostrum Club 3

Rostrum Club 3

About Rostrum Club 3 – Everton Park Brisbane

At Club 3 we’ll help you gain confidence in speaking in front of people and ‘on your feet’ in a safe, supportive and friendly environment, where you’ll have fun, and also develop critical thinking, listening and leadership skills.  Our structured ‘Frontiers Development Program’ enables new members to develop at their own pace with the help of accredited coaches who provide positive and constructive feedback to all speakers at each meeting.

Our members come from all over Brisbane. Founded in 1944, we’re one of the  longest standing Rostrum clubs in Queensland. Our members represent a diverse range of ages, backgrounds, personalities and English language skills.  As a club we’ve won the Queensland Rostrum ‘Top Club’ award on 18 occasions, and we’ve provided seven Queensland State Presidents and numerous champion speakers.

Why join Rostrum?

“Good public speaking will enhance people’s performance at job interviews, open career pathways, build your confidence, increase your productivity and demonstrate practical management and leadership qualitites” (Courier Mail 15 November 2018)

Would you like to know more about us?  Download our 2021 Annual Report summary.