Rostrum Club 4

Rostrum Club 4

About Club 4

Club 4 was Established in 1934 and holds its meetings every Wednesday from Mid-January to Mid-December.  They start at 1:00pm in the C R Gardner Conference Room Level 2, CTA Club, MLC Centre, Martin Place, Sydney.

Members and visitors enjoy our Club as the programme includes impromptu questions and answers, a reading or chairmanship question and a topic of the day with rostered speakers.

Visitors are always welcome with many opportunities to learn and practice their public speaking skills. You can purchase lunch and a drink from the CTA Bar and Bistro.

Each meeting provides a opportunity to safely develop you public speaking skills in way that:-

  • Is Instructive;
  • Is Educational;
  • Develops your public speaking skills;
  • Teaches meeting procedures and become experienced as a Chairman;
  • Provides an opportunity to express your views on a wide variety of subjects in both impromptu and set speeches;
  • Shares knowledge between speakers through feedback from experienced critics.

And most importantly! Is conducted in good humour.