Rostrum club 45

Rostrum club 45

Meeting Time : Tuesday 7.20am - 8.30am. (Breakfast Club) Venue : Club 45 is an online club that meets before work on Tuesdays. Contact the club for Zoom meeting details. Contact : Rod 0418 980 639
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About Club 45

Rostrum Club 45 – a dynamic public speaking club in Melbourne that helps its members work towards their personal improvement goals. Do you have an important speech to present at work or for a family event? Do you have to present a piece of assessment for your course?  Do you need to be more dynamic in work presentations? Do you chair well organised meetings or do they take up far too much precious time? Are you working towards a job interview?

Malvern Rostrum Club 45 is a friendly and supportive environment to practice your speaking skills and meeting procedures in the online environment and receive helpful feedback from our trained and experienced coaches.  Join us for a free trial.

Club 45 welcomes a wide range of members


Remote Access

You need a computer and access to the internet.  Call Rod 0418 980 639 to get more details.

More Information

If you would like more information about how to join please email our Membership Officer or check out the Rostrum facebook page.