Rostrum Club 68

Rostrum Club 68

Meeting Time : 1st, 3rd and 5th Monday of the month 7.10 pm Venue : Level 2, Carnegie Library and Community Centre, Level 1, 7 Shepparson Ave, Carnegie VIC 3163 Contact : David 0422 579 905 or Rob 0404 813 806
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About Club 68

Come along and check out our public speaking courses in Carnegie for a couple of weeks. It’s free. You’ll be glad you did! You can come along as a visitor and observe the club in action and participate when you are ready.

Do you Need Rostrum ?
  1. Do you feel comfortable speaking, perhaps on short notice, to a large group of strangers or friends? If not, you need Rostrum
  2. Would you like to learn the techniques that make a good speaker ? If so, you need Rostrum
  3. Would you like to improve your use of the English language ? If so you need Rostrum
  4. Are you confident in a business meeting and perhaps taking the chair ? If not, you need Rostrum
How does it work?

Practice! We regularly schedule every member to speak as it suits them in a relaxed and friendly environment.

No pressure – you decide if you wish to speak or take part in any of the Club’s activities.

Our trained coaches offer supportive public speaking advice to help you improve both Speech Making and Chairmanship.

The meeting is broken into chunks which may include short training exercises, some prepared speeches, group activities which emphasise aspects of successful speaking, reading and effective techniques for meeting procedure.


Rostrum Victoria membership fee details are on the Application page.  Ask for more information.

Why do we do it?

We love to see others succeed.