Taking ACTION | November 2021

Taking ACTION | November 2021

Series 3 Issue 4

November 2021 ISSN No 22077448


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Welcome to the latest edition of Rostrum Australia's newsletter, Taking ACTION. I hope you enjoy it.

From the President November 2021

Jenny Blain - President

Competitions, Conventions and Workshops. Meetings and Success Stories.

A busy few months for Rostrum. The ARC workshops provide networking possibilities for members across Australia, the sharing of ideas and tips to enhance meetings and prepare clubs for visitors. Organising a convention is a great achievement and a generous donation of time and expertise to Rostrum. Presenting a National Workshop is a great opportunity to expand your personal network and learn from others. It is fantastic to see new Rostrum faces putting up their hands to run events, workshops and conventions.  Each of these activities provide an opportunity for our members to learn or alternatively to showcase the skills they bring to Rostrum. So much talent!

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VALE Fmn Joan Berndt and Fmn Eddie Fee

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Fmen Joan Berndt was the first female President of Queensland Rostrum and long term promoter of Rostrum Voice of Youth.  Joan and husband John were instrumental in developing the Carter Shield, a 22 year old speech competition still running between 3 schools in South East Queensland.

Fmn Eddie Fee was President of Queensland Rostrum and Australian Rostrum President. Eddie was instrumental in enabling Queensland Rostrum to develop.


Strategy for training for Victorian Rostrum Clubs and members - Jan Heer Vic Training Convenor


In October 2019 I ran a Victorian Coaches forum in Geelong.

The 10 attendees represented a balance of experience and newer members.

The following aspects of Rostrum were discussed: -
• Why do our members come to Rostrum?
• What makes a good program?
• How do we measure a good program?
• What are the Coaches roll in the Club?
• The importance of meeting procedure.
• Rostrum Resources.
Recent training programs have been designed to cover these topics.

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Profile Louise Tattersall - Qld Rostrum Club 6


I held the roles of mother, wife, daughter, and Senior Financial Adviser, just to name a few. I had a husband, children, a beautiful home and a good job. From the outside looking in…it looked like I had everything. But the reality was, I was dying inside!

Within a few years of each other, I lost many loved ones. First my father passed away, my paternal grandmother, and my two grandfathers. Then, my maternal grandmother passed away and my mother attempted suicide (not coping with the loss). Soon after, more loss followed with the man I loved, through divorce. I was also paralysed at work, after large numbers of resignations and a heavy work load. After all this loss, a toxic relationship, years of abuse, and work pressures, I left work and was diagnosed with PTSD. I had hit rock bottom.

I had been “everything to everyone else”, for 30 years and along the way I had forgotten to care for myself.

It was only then, that I stopped to take a long hard look within and rediscovered my true self again. It was my turning point!

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Profile Shelley Houghton - Member Rostrum Club 10 Qld


I’ve been around this planet a long time, having been born in the 1960’s, so I would have expected by this stage I would been able at any moment invited to stand and confidently and competently speak to an audience.

However, looking back to those times in the past when I seemed to cope well enough speaking before small audiences, perhaps the real reason I managed was that I knew my topic inside-out, so I was confident to deal with any questions or critical responses that might come my way. Hardly what one would call public speaking skills.

In fact the truth is that for years I avoided getting up on my feet in public, even though on many an occasion I would have liked to contribute my viewpoint on matters I was passionate about and had sufficient experience to comment on, in a public forum.

For years I watched others who with no preparation, rose to their feet and calmly and competently expressed their views, as if they’d been chatting in their loungeroom.

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Profile Clyde Woods - Vic Rostrum Club 68


Both the first Rostrum Club in Australia and I were born in 1930. We both look forward to celebrating our centenary together.

I left school when I was only fourteen to join the P.M.G. (then Telecom) So my formal education was minimal.

However, by much study, hard work and ambition, I became a Supervisor in my late twenties. The next step was Manager. I knew that I had weaknesses which could affect my career. One was the absolute physical fear of speaking to an audience – any audience. I had to overcome it but how - how.?

Then I heard about Rostrum and how it helps people like me. So I joined in Club 28, (now defunct) based in the CBD, which held lunchtime meetings. At my first meeting I looked around at the members – all professional men (no women -that came much later) and was terrified they would ask me to speak -I knew I couldn’t.

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Frontiers - a member's appraisal


The Frontiers Book is absolutely brilliant in concept and execution; in both content and production. It is a highly professional product.
I can, of course, only speak for myself (not the whole of my Club 68). After having just reskimmed through the Book I offer the following comments.

According to a recent ARC survey (and only 183 responses out of some 1700 members Australia wide was a disappointment but enough to make statistical judgements). 70% of members have been in Rostrum for over six years while 70% are aged over 60.

So one can assume that 70% of members (most, if not all, have retired) are experienced speakers already – certainly so in my Club – and would get minimal learning value – but certainly good practice – from Launchpad. Those who would benefit most are the remaining 30% in each category – and for them, it is an excellent learning tool.

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Editor Paul Halliday - Support our Rostrum Leaders' vision


Our Rostrum leadership across all geographic Zones have supported the vision for Rostrum growth, built on consistency. Our common Rostrum Frontier brand is being implemented, underpinned by the training of both speakers and coaches.

Thanks to Jenny and her national and zone teams, there is a renewal of technology capability, coach and speaker training. Timely, as we progress to our Rostrum centenary.

By sharing, we encourage new and long-term Rostrum members to renew their enthusiasm and preserve Rostrum as a community service for others. 

Please send photos and short stories of your Rostrum Club and Zone renewal journey.

The December Edition closes on 5th December 2021.  newsletter@rostrum.com.au . 

Paul Halliday - Editor Rostrum Taking ACTION


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