Rostrum Taking ACTION | September 2020

Rostrum Taking ACTION | September 2020

Series 2 Edition 22   ISSN No 22077448

September 2020


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Welcome to the latest edition of Rostrum Australia's newsletter, Taking ACTION. I hope you enjoy it.

From the President - Sep 2020

What do we need from you?

Australian Rostrum Council Training Initiatives

The ARC is responding to the very real need for Rostrum to grow in each of our Zones. Your survey responses and discussions within each Zone show that members align with this goal. Rostrum gives our members many opportunities to develop their skills and confidence. Our initiatives will support a consistent approach to member development in line with Rostrum's objectives. 

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Fmn Rosalie Roberts - Three Questions on Rostrum

Rosale Roberts

How do you feel about being made a Freeman of Australian Rostrum?

I am extremely honoured to be made a Freeman. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our ranks, not the least of who was the late Fmn Carmel Remphrey, who mentored and encouraged me when I joined Rostrum Club 3. Not only was Carmel a great mentor, but she was one of our very best speakers and coaches. Fmn Carmel was a great role model and will be sadly missed.

Can you define the Rostrum Ideals anticipated to be exampled by Freemen in today’s Rostrum community?
The ideals that I see exampled by Freemen and indeed, by members more generally, include integrity, respect, encouragement, high standards, and a genuine and demonstrated commitment of support for the organisation and continued learning. 

Bree Hunter - Tasmanian Rostrum Hobart Rostrum Club No 2

Bree Hunter

My name is Bree Hunter and I am a member of Hobart Rostrum Club No 2. Prior to working for the City of Hobart I lived and worked in remote locations such as Macquarie Island and various parts of New Zealand.

I cannot place a value on what I’ve learned in Rostrum but I now approach speaking with confidence. I no longer shake with nervousness and I believe that says it all.

I strongly believe that Rostrum provides an extremely affordable professional development program that is hard to find anywhere else. However, we don’t market ourselves as well as we could. In my working life, I am a Program Officer with Open Space Planning Team at the City of Hobart.


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Mentoring Trainee Coaches - Fmn Carmel Remphrey and Fmn John lizzio

Mentoring Trainee Coaches

Our Rostrum educational Ideal is to sustain the quality of our Club’s coaching by mentoring trainee coaches.

The process is to identify trainee coaches, show them the ‘how’ of the sandwich process, develop a plan of feedback, task them to research of the Coach Training Manual and over a nominal 15-week process grow the trainee into a Rostrum accredited coach.

This has sustained Rostrum for over 90 years.  

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Rostrum members communicate around mission and values

Mission and Values

In August on the backblocks of SE Queensland, I discovered that Laidley State High School was advertising its ASPIRE values on a roadside electronic sign.  I looked up its website Laidley SHS Mission and Values and sent this to members in different Rostrum Zones with a request for their statement on the mission and Values of Rostrum. Wow - what a response from SA/NT, Tasmania, Victoria, ACT and NSW.

Here are some responses.

  • Collectively, we need to help, mentor, new members but not be afraid of them taking leadership roles.

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Vale Fmn Phillip Jago - Rostrum Club 6 Collingwood Vic

Phillip Jago

It is with sorrow that I advise the passing of Freeman Philip Jago at home in the evening of Sunday 19 July 2020. Philip has experienced ill health over the last year or so and has most recently suffered from Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Philip has been a stalwart of Rostrum and was possibly our longest continually serving member having joined in 1968.

Philip has been strongly involved in development of our members through his activities at Club 6, as a State Trainer at Coaches and other courses, and as a member of the Training Committee.

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Vale Peter Martindale - SA/NT Rostrum

Peter Martindale

It is with deep sadness I advise that Freeman Peter Martindale suffered a massive and fatal heart attack on Thursday 3rd September. I am certain that I will not be alone in being shocked by his death. He served Rostrum in many capacities, including being involved in the creation of a number of Rostrum Clubs, including a brand new one he has been working on over the past few weeks. Peter also served a term as SA/NT Zone President. He will be greatly missed.

"with the right coach, anyone can become persuasive and change the world" Peter Martindale.

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Vale Fmn Carmel Remphrey - you helped Rostrum to grow

Carmel Remphrey

Carmel was an outstanding member of Queensland Rostrum for over 35 years. Rostrum is based on Clubs developing a friendly environment to encourage members to find their voice with good coaching and competency in thinking on their feet. Carmel was a champion public speaker, administrator, coach and had the persistence and enthusiasm to start three Rostrum Clubs.

Carmel was made a Freeman of Australian Rostrum in 1995 recognising her leadership role and an example of Rostrum Membership, fellowship, discipline, and a reviewer and developer of others. Carmel was an outstanding coach and developer and presenter of training in the art of effective speaking.

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Editor Paul Halliday September 2020 - Rostrum is stirring

Editor Paul Halliday

Rostrum across Australia is stirring.  Many members in all Rostrum Zones are working to grow Rostrum. David Price and the movers and shakers team are indeed on the move. Working parties are planning for member development projects and coaching projects.

It reminded me of the early Rostrum founders who, in 'snail mail' times, realised that Rostrum grew when members exchanged ideas and developed open communication in a environment of mutual respect.

We are fortunate that Jenny and her team are building on the shoulders of past Rostrum Presidents. It is how we grow.

Paul Halliday

Editor Rostrum Taking ACTION

Next Edition is November 2020 closing 15th November 2020. Inviting short articles from your Clubs on coping with the travails of 2020.

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