Taking ACTION | March 2021

Taking ACTION | March 2021

Series 3  Volume 1
March 2021 ISSN No 22077448


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Welcome to the latest edition of Rostrum Australia's newsletter, Taking ACTION. I hope you enjoy it.

From the President Mar 2021

Frontiers program

The excitement grows.

Thanks to the many members who have expressed their support, excitement and enthusiasm for the new Frontiers program. Your love for this great organisation has been an inspiration. The launch date was 13th March over 80 members joined us online for the launch. The video of the launch is available.

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Freeman Bill Smith - Rostrum Gold Medal

Bill Smith

Fmn Bill Smith (Club 3) was awarded a Rostrum Gold Medal at the Rostrum Queensland convention held November 2020.

Approved by the Australian Rostrum Council, the gold medal was presented at a Club 3 meeting in February 2021 by the Rostrum Queensland President, Fmn David Thorpe.

Bill was responsible for developing the history of Rostrum Queensland available on line at the Rostrum Website.

Fmn Bernie Ketter - Chair of Queensland Rostrum Freeman's Council

Bernie Ketter

It wasn’t until about 25 years ago that I first heard an interesting, intelligent, well constructed and entertaining speech. Until that time I had only heard boring, uninspiring and lacklustre speeches devoid of any passion and usually made by politicians and other public figures who speak to a predictable formula of topic avoidance.

That was until I heard a speech made by a best man at a family wedding. As he dragged himself up to the microphone and flicked back his waist length hair he looked extremely uncomfortable in his ill fitted suit. He gave the best speech I had ever heard. It was witty, entertaining and gave enough information for the bride’s family to have a good understanding of the newest member of their family. I thought, if he can do it, why can’t everyone else, including me? 

It was at that time that I worked in the Landcentre building which was directly across the road from the Gabba Cricket Ground. The Landcentre had its own Rostrum Club.

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Ryan Whiddett President Rostrum Clubs of WA

Ryan Whidett

Reflecting on five years of membership of Rostrum Clubs in WA, it seems timely to now step into the role as the WA President.

My journey to Rostrum started in 2015 when some friends, members already of Rostrum, recommended I come along to a meeting as I expressed an interest in taking my public speaking to the next level.

It was around the time that I felt the workshops that I was delivering to university students as part of my job at the time were no longer having the impact I wanted. Now in my role as the Student Success Manager at StudyPerth, an organisation dedicated to supporting international students studying at Perth based schools, tafes, training organisations and universities, Rostrum is still as valuable as ever.

I use my Rostrum skills daily, whether talking to clients or businesses, speaking with students or facilitating workshops and training for staff and students. I very much value the meeting skills I have also become accustomed to, known now as the person to never accept a meeting request without an agenda, I greatly enjoy the efficiencies I’ve been able to learn through Rostrum.

I am excited for the year ahead.

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Rostrum Online Club #1 flourishes in 2021

Rostrum Online club

The online Rostrum Club #1 is growing (Email Online Rostrum Club #1 if you want to join us).  

Seventeen attendees were part of the last meeting on the 8th March 2021, including the potential new members having a 'look and see'.

President Chris Clohesy outlined the approach for the year ahead including adopting the exercises in the new Australian Rostrum Frontiers Program.

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Editor Paul Halliday

PHH   adj  IMG 3931The key to Rostrum growth is to develop succession.

Great example in Western Australia where the members were able to welcome in a new President (Ryan Whiddett) to progress Rostrum, taking over from the previous President (Lauren O'Neill).  Lauren had her baby last November.  Rostrum is sustained by developing its members for leadership.

Thanks for those submitting profiles, you remind all of our diverse and supporting Rostrum community.

Looking for your Rostrum stories. Have fun in Rostrum. Next edition closes 30th April 2021.(newsletter@rostrum.com.au).

Paul Halliday Editor Rostrum Taking ACTION


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