Rostrum Taking ACTION | May 2021

Rostrum Taking ACTION | May 2021

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May 2021 ISSN No 22077448


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Welcome to the latest edition of Rostrum Australia's newsletter, Taking ACTION. I hope you enjoy it.

From the President May 2021

Frontiers program

It's cold. I am still having my Rostrum meetings online rather than in person. School homework seems to be getting more difficult to coach each week. That's why I like to look forward to Spring and the promise of new beginnings. Everything seems easier when Spring comes. Attitudes change and daily routines are re-invigorated. That's how I see Frontiers in my Rostrum clubs. Refreshing, revitalising and energising. You remember you are part of a national network. You focus your club on the development of each member by developing specific skills and using coaching tips that give members clear ways to improve.

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Frontiers National Development Program - Maximise the Benefits Review 2nd May 2021


On 2nd May 2021, 42 Rostrum members from across Australia developed on ZOOM great conversation around implementing the Rostrum Frontier Book.

The session was organised by Australian President, Fmn Jenny Blain and National Training Coordinator, Fmn David Price.

Key feedback was that implementing the Frontier Book builds a common Rostrum Brand across all Rostrum Clubs.

Rostrum Voice of Youth - Empowering the next generation


Rostrum Voice of Youth is an extension of our Rostrum Promise encouraging the next generation of speakers. Rostrum members in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and NSW have taken up that challenge and hundreds of students in those zones are preparing to have their voices heard. Their efforts will culminate in the National Final in Adelaide in July.

The 2019 National Winner, Chantal Duffy wrote:
Entering Rostrum Voice of Youth was the single best decision I made during my schooling. The dedicated adjudicators, volunteers, and Rostrum members were always so supportive and kind… I would love to help out with VOY. The program was such a fundamental part of my development over my senior schooling, and I would love to give back in any way that I can.

For those who believe in the value of service, RVOY is our way of helping the youth of today – the adults of tomorrow – be more articulate. That is the best reason to want to support RVOY.

For those who need more reasons to support RVOY, the question may remain… How can Rostrum members benefit?

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Syed Mubashir Shah - Member Online Rostrum Club #1


"I am still learning" by Michelangelo, isn’t it profound?

My first public speaking engagement was way back in the year 1994 which left me scarred. It was on my school stage in front of 1000 preying eyes. I started well but went blank and could not recover from there. I didn’t try anything until my college final year presentation and avoided like the plague any situation where I was to speak publicly.

Being in the IT industry, it was clear that my inability to articulate my thoughts to the team would be a big hindrance. Even though I was leading teams and would easily communicate technically, the moment I was to speak on a general topic or speak impromptu, words would abandon me. I would fail to put words in proper sequence and to make meaningful sentences.

It was clear I had to do something. I started with a club in India for a couple of months and after landing in Sydney, the first thing I searched for was a speaking club near me.

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Ideas on Coaching the Frontiers Program - Fmn Ross Hayes NSW Rostrum Club 21


Like many Rostrum Clubs across Australia, NSW Rostrum Club 21 has received the Rostrum National Frontiers Manual and we are in the early stages of implementation. We believe that this groundbreaking program should make Rostrum an attractive proposition for potential members.

From my initial experience with Frontiers, it is clear to me that the role of Coach is even more difficult than before, in that preparation is required by them ahead of the meeting.

As Coaches for the club, we need to find out which Activity each member will be doing and read the details in the Frontiers Manual. It's important to understand the impact on a new speaker who has read and sought to deliver the guidelines, only to be told that they did not comply.

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Rostrum Club 26 SA/NT - be your best self on video


"Be Your Best Self on Video" 

On Tuesday 18th March 2021, South Australian Rostrum Club 26, in conjunction with ‘The Self Made Theory’, which is a progressive business advisory practice, and the University of South Australia, delivered an exciting workshop on how to be a great presenter on video (including zoom, video conferencing, video calling etc).

The workshop was held from 7.30am to 8.30am and this early start suited some, but maybe was a bit too much for a few ‘sleepy heads’. The workshop attracted close to 30 participants following its promotion across all Rostrum Clubs in South Australia, the University of South Australia and contacts from ‘The Self Made Theory’ company.

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Editor Paul Halliday


Thanks for interest in developing Rostrum Member Profiles.  We can get to know each other.

It was interesting at the Frontier implemptation review on the 2nd May to learn of new members in many Zones seeking the Rostrum Club to develop competence in English as an additional language. Many already have competence in many languages.

PHH   adj  IMG 3931Long-term supported (mentored) succession is important to allow new members the ability to develop not only speaking skills but essential leadership capability.

Thanks for contributions. Next Edition closes 10th August 2021.

Paul Halliday Editor Rostrum Taking ACTION.

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