I am a proud member of Rostrum Clubs of Western Australia and I have been lucky enough to have led the organisation over the past eighteen months.

My Rostrum journey started back in October 2015, when I was recommended to attend a Rostrum club meeting by a former employer who could see that I had lost my confidence and direction after taking a new job. I have never looked back!

My day job is as a Chartered Accountant in a boutique tax advisory firm. The skills I have developed over my five-year Rostrum journey are utilised almost every day in my profession. From giving internal presentations, to dealing with clients in an assertive yet friendly and professional manner, and running meetings on schedule and with productive outcomes, Rostrum has taught me so much.

For now though, my Rostrum journey will be coming to an end, as I take on the challenge of starting a family. 

Ia Lauren Full page photo1 1n late 2017 I undertook the Coach’s Accreditation Training. Becoming a coach has meant I must practice what I preach. In years gone by, I’ve been a netball coach and piano instructor. Neither of those roles put such a spotlight on the skill I was trying to convey as being a Rostrum coach has.

I am a big advocate for Rostrum members undertaking the coach’s training, even if they do not go on to become accredited immediately. As a Rostrum Accredited Coach your active listening skills are put to the test. And I will admit, it’s very easy to get lost in an enter¬taining presentation, sometimes making it difficult to provide coaching tips! That’s when you realise the speaker achieved their goal of presenting an entertaining speech.

Coaches are Rostrum’s point of difference. We need our members to step up and contribute to the growing Rostrum community. I encourage you all (new and experienced members) to embark on the journey to become a coach. It will sharpen your skills like a pencil, even if you’re previously accredited!

I have learnt so much from my fellow Rostrum members and mentors, and I know it isn’t goodbye, just farewell for now!

Lauren O’Neill – Zone President – Rostrum Clubs of Western Australia and Member of Rostrum WA Club 19

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