My name is Hui Jiang. I have been a Rostrum member for more than two decades and the Secretary of Club 17 for more than eight years. I am a chemist spending many years in various research and commercial institutions and industries. I enjoy Rostrum because it has many educational programs and opportunities in public speaking and other related activities.

The techniques and skills I have learned from Rostrum help me significantly in my career, such as presentations, meetings, symposiums, seminars, and importantly job interviews. Rostrum helps me not only in public speaking, but also in logical thinking, and in use of colourful, wide, and humorous vocabulary. The diversity of members guarantees numerous speeches of interesting and inspiring personal stories. In addition, Rostrum provides a friendly, inclusive, harmonious, encouraging, and warm environment.

Hui JiangI have learned how to overcome the fear of standing up in front of a crowd, how to structure speeches, how to attract audients, and how to make up impromptu speeches.

I was first introduced to Rostrum Club in Canberra in early 90’s. That was an eye-opener particularly for someone from China. When I moved to Brisbane, the word “Rostrum” kept popping up in my mind. Sure enough, Club 17 came to my sight. I have been a member since.

Today we are in a digital era. Many people, particularly the young generations, spend more time on digital which could not offer what Rostrum is offering. We could show the world that Rostrum provides a unique opportunity that is not easy to find elsewhere.

Hui Jiang, Member and Secretary of Queensland Rostrum Club 17

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