The highest learning, I realize is “NOT assume one is a public speaker”.  I learned, after joining Rostrum, that everywhere and with whom I interacted, required the ART OF PUBLIC SPEAKING. 

We always have an “Audience!” and I wanted my “Audience“ to listen, be attentive and particularly, be inspired. This light bulb moment resulted in me courageously joining ROSTRUM, albeit later in life.

What I have enjoyed most is the camaraderie of speakers and activities where speakers share, come together, experience and learn from each other with opportunities to train and perform amongst like-minded models – ‘Gold!’ . Absolutely!

From of all my experiences, ROSTRUM has provided an opportunity beyond primary, tertiary or University studies. Being fully present to any interaction, is my ongoing aim as I continue to learn from others in ROSTRUM.

E WaddellFrom shaking, fast speaking, red faced and jumbled mind, feeling faint, crazy, confused, patchy attendance into routine speeches and positive feedback, and greater confidence, thus creating opportunities to participate in debate and speaking competitions, addressing groups, giving professional training sessions, Coaching, and involved in Working Groups.

Clearly - I am a public speaker with an “AUDIENCE” that now ‘ wears clothes . From hurdle to hurdle, ROSTRUM makes a difference in me becoming a more effective, confidence speaker.

Historically, many opportunities have presented during my life. For example, In the Tasmania Australian Newsprint Mills my office role in the 1970’s incorporated Tour Guide of the Mills where people relied on your knowledge and ability to project your voice;

In Scouting, for over 10 years, as a leader, trainer and Marketing programs within Schools in ACT and SA required organisation, time management, articulation, research and capturing the wide range of audience from 6 years to 15 years. Additionally have been a Presenter for both Counselling and also the Hypnotherapy associations for Choice Theory, where skills acquired in ROSTRUM supported skills in the delivery of a timely, knowledgeable, audience relevant program.

Importantly, the realization that any interaction between colleagues, friends, associates, peers and or family require ROSTRUM skills to be able to impact, inspire and have people listen. ?

Lizzie Waddell, ACT Phillip Club
Speaker, Coach, DAIS Asst Secretary
ARC ACT Representative Programs : Development and Coaching

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