I have been with Rostrum for a year now and I can see improvements in my speaking ability and confidence to stand up in different community settings, whilst engaging an audience.

As Executive Assistant to the CEO of a Tasmanian Not For Profit, I see people present cases to the CEO and Board, both from internal and external sources. In my spare time, I enjoy building an organisation that assists women touched by separation to grow and become self-empowered.

In both scenarios, I see the benefits of good presentation skills which includes preparation, pronunciation, pace and projection. These skills enable and enhance individual confidence.

Rostrum has helped me to find my confidence by providing the tools and the platform to advance my own skills.

Alison H b ImageIt provides regular opportunities to practise, watch and listen to others, get helpful feedback from our club coaches and provide a social group of like-minded people

I am privileged to experience presentations that are, well structured, enthusiastic, detailed or high level, however I have experienced some flat and unstructured presentations as well.

I look forward to another year of Rostrum in 2021.

Alison Haertel
Member, Rostrum Club 17
Hobart Tasmania



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