Reflecting on five years of membership of Rostrum Clubs in WA, it seems timely to now step into the role as the WA President.

My journey to Rostrum started in 2015 when some friends, members already of Rostrum, recommended I come along to a meeting as I expressed an interest in taking my public speaking to the next level.

It was around the time that I felt the workshops that I was delivering to university students as part of my job at the time were no longer having the impact I wanted. Now in my role as the Student Success Manager at StudyPerth, an organisation dedicated to supporting international students studying at Perth based schools, tafes, training organisations and universities, Rostrum is still as valuable as ever.

I use my Rostrum skills daily, whether talking to clients or businesses, speaking with students or facilitating workshops and training for staff and students. I very much value the meeting skills I have also become accustomed to, known now as the person to never accept a meeting request without an agenda, I greatly enjoy the efficiencies I’ve been able to learn through Rostrum.

I am excited for the year ahead.

Rostrum Clubs in WA have proudly seen membership on the rise and that will be a major focus for 2021 as we develop and run with a Just Bring One campaign, convincing every one of our members to find someone in their network to introduce to Rostrum

ManyRyan photograph across Australia will also enjoy the Frontiers program developed by the very talented Freemens in David Price, Carmel Philipe and Ken Holzman and edited and reviewed with accredited curriculum writers, this quality product has been an asset in WA and I am sure will be to other Zones. We’ll continue to see this program expanded through 2021 which is very exciting!

Excitingly we will also see the introduction of a new competition in WA in 2021 all about the art of persuasion. Following the success of our Annual Arthur Garvey Speaker of the Year competition in late 2020, I’m excited to see this event come to life. Rostrum has some magnificent and thought provoking speakers and so I do encourage you to watch some of the finalists here on the Rostrum WA Youtube channel.

For now I’m looking forward to a great year ahead in 2021.

 Ryan Whiddett President Rostrum Clubs of WA

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