Fmn Bill Smith (Club 3) was awarded a Rostrum Gold Medal at the Rostrum Queensland convention held November 2020.

Approved by the Australian Rostrum Council, the gold medal was presented at a Club 3 meeting in February 2021 by the Rostrum Queensland President, Fmn David Thorpe.

Bill was responsible for developing the history of Rostrum Queensland available on line at the Rostrum Website.

Bill and Club 3 20210204 203457 1Bill and david T 20210204 191857 1The photos show Bill and David together (left) and with the Executive of Rostrum Club 3 (left to right, Treasurer Fmn Rosalie Roberts, Secretary Paul Mulhall, President George Row, Fmn Bill Smith, Fmn David Thorpe, Fmn Bernie Ketter (2021 Chair of the Queensland Rostrum Freeman's Council).

Editor comment - Bill is another example of the necessary mentoring approach to build Rostrum succession and continuity evident in many Rostrum Clubs across Australia.


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