On 2nd May 2021, 42 Rostrum members from across Australia developed on ZOOM great conversation around implementing the Rostrum Frontier Book.

The session was organised by Australian President, Fmn Jenny Blain and National Training Coordinator, Fmn David Price.

Key feedback was that implementing the Frontier Book builds a common Rostrum Brand across all Rostrum Clubs.

Frontier Mtg 2 May p1 Screen Shot 2021 05 02 at 4.06.31 pmFrontier Meeting 2 May p2 Screen Shot 2021 05 02 at 4.06.46 pmFurther information is coming including the Galactic and Coaching documents.

Keeping track of each member’s progress was important. Some templates are available, so that each Club can affirm member’s progress and apply to their Rostrum Zone for Certificates of Competency. 

The ability of each Rostrum Club Program Coordinator to know their Club members was important in setting the Agenda. Use of Google Docs assisted changes to the Agenda, often at last minute due to apologies. Generally, the Frontier Booklet exercises took around 70% of the Program. However, it is important that each Club determine its own progress.

Coaching and Program Coordination is important to keep track of member’s progress. The Coaching method of what, why, how and show was emphasised to develop feedback for the member. Many Clubs had a Training Committee of Coaches which met nominally monthly. In particular the need to record coaching comments in each member’s book and public and private coach discussions with members. Notes can be kept in the Frontier Booklet by each member on areas for improvement and to ensure the Club keeps records of progress.

Different Rostrum Zones reported that new members are seeking competency in English as an additional language. These new members were seeking evidence of their ability to volunteer in the community seeking not only work competency but also visa requirements.

This is a great opportunity for having the basis for continuous improvement, not only in our speaking and Club record of member progress, but also in developing a common Rostrum Brand.

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