Like many Rostrum Clubs across Australia, NSW Rostrum Club 21 has received the Rostrum National Frontiers Manual and we are in the early stages of implementation. We believe that this groundbreaking program should make Rostrum an attractive proposition for potential members.

From my initial experience with Frontiers, it is clear to me that the role of Coach is even more difficult than before, in that preparation is required by them ahead of the meeting.

As Coaches for the club, we need to find out which Activity each member will be doing and read the details in the Frontiers Manual. It's important to understand the impact on a new speaker who has read and sought to deliver the guidelines, only to be told that they did not comply.

Ross photoAnother important consideration is that good coaching is not merely reiterating what a speaker said - we all know that - we were in the same meeting.

Good coaching requires we find and enunciate positive aspects of the speech and some points of improvement (one or maybe two).

The success of the Frontiers program hinges on the Coaches. So, I have asked the coaches in NSW Rostrum Club 21 to make an extra effort, especially in the early stages, when we are becoming familiar with the program.

Fmn Ross Hayes, NSW Rostrum Club 21 

Senior Accredited Coach and Program Director

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