"I am still learning" by Michelangelo, isn’t it profound?

My first public speaking engagement was way back in the year 1994 which left me scarred. It was on my school stage in front of 1000 preying eyes. I started well but went blank and could not recover from there. I didn’t try anything until my college final year presentation and avoided like the plague any situation where I was to speak publicly.

Being in the IT industry, it was clear that my inability to articulate my thoughts to the team would be a big hindrance. Even though I was leading teams and would easily communicate technically, the moment I was to speak on a general topic or speak impromptu, words would abandon me. I would fail to put words in proper sequence and to make meaningful sentences.

It was clear I had to do something. I started with a club in India for a couple of months and after landing in Sydney, the first thing I searched for was a speaking club near me.

image001I got introduced to the online speaking club of Rostrum, I felt welcome and was made at ease from day one. My journey learning the intricacies of public speaking commenced in earnest, together with practice to speak on a digital platform.

Starting from minor things like positioning the camera, lighting and more advanced things like the format of the speech, voice modulation, chairing the meeting etcetera. I consider myself fortunate to be in the company of the stalwarts and to learn the art from best speakers and leaders of the country.

It has been a fabulous year with lots of takeaways that are helping me at the workplace and has had a positive impact on my ability to convey my thoughts clearly. I would have missed a lot of things if I didn’t get encouragement from all my club members. I would like to thank everyone for helping me in my quest to be a better speaker and the learning continues.

Syed Mubashir Shah

Member Rostrum Online Club #1


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