How is Frontiers being used in your club? Do you have any stories to share about the exercises?

Remember that each of the activities are designed to assist members with skills that they will use in work or social situations. Each builds towards the set of skills that you need for preparing and delivering speeches. We have run training sessions for coaches and these can be viewed on our Youtube playlist

Let's see what some of the clubs have been doing......

The Rostrum Online Club, Victoria Club 45 and Victoria Club 68 have been running short 2 minute tutorials to introduce each of the activities and focus the members on the main aims of the exercise. If you log in to the Rostrum website you can see and download the tutorials developed so far.

The About Me speeches have provided an extraordinary variety of approaches to the speech with experienced speakers working hard to find a different angle to their speech to make it more interesting. We have learnt so much more about our members!

The topical questions section has unleashed a new challenge. The sandwich approach that is suggested asks the speakers to ask the question, then give some background information, then ask the question again. Extraordinary how often the question changes during this process! We have taken to having the question written down either on paper or in the Zoom chat to ensure that the coach and the responder are clear about the question. Tailoring the questions to the interests of our newer members has allowed them to focus on the structure of their answer without having to scramble for what to say.

Frontiers resourcesWhat has your club done to make the implementation of Frontiers easier?


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