In October 2019 I ran a Victorian Coaches forum in Geelong.

The 10 attendees represented a balance of experience and newer members.

The following aspects of Rostrum were discussed: -
• Why do our members come to Rostrum?
• What makes a good program?
• How do we measure a good program?
• What are the Coaches roll in the Club?
• The importance of meeting procedure.
• Rostrum Resources.
Recent training programs have been designed to cover these topics.

Liz image001Colin Lil image003Due to the extended lockdowns which Victoria has experienced during the past 18 months, the method of presenting our training has changed to on-line presentations.

1. The first “Coach the Coaches” session was run in October 2020. The training team included Jan Heer - Facilitator with Coaches Mark Gribben, Robert Bicknell, and Liz Baxter. Following each recorded speech 3 attendees gave their coaching comments. The trainers then gave coaching tips to the participants who had given the coaching. 18 attendees.

2. In November, Mark Gribben ran an accreditation course with Debbie Welsh, Liz Baxter, and Warren Block. Three members gained coaching accreditation following this training. Presenters Liz Baxter (L) and Colin Lil (R).

3. In February, I facilitated a “Training Officers Forum” with Debbie Welsh. Colin Lill, Wilma Schmidt, and Jenny Blain. Using the “Dome Methodology for Training:”
• Determine needs
• Objectives
• Method
• Evaluate.

Attendee’s submitted examples of issues they would like to discuss such as dealing with nerves, speaker going overtime etc. Debbie and Colin shared advise and lead the discussion.

Wilma spoke on a “Mentors” role in a Club and Jenny gave tips on accessing the Rostrum website and gave an update on the “Launchpad Program”. 18 attendees’ link is

4. March, I facilitated a “Speech analysis and Adjudication” training session with trainers Liz Baxter, Mark Gribben and Jingying HE.

This training was aimed at those wishing to enter, or adjudicate, in any of the Victorian Competitions. We watched recorded competition speeches and discussed “What makes a Winning Speech”; discussed the differences between presenting to a live audience and speaking on-line. Promoted the Voice of Youth program encouraging coaches to assist with adjudication. 22 attendees’.

5. June’s training session “Development of Frontiers Activities into Club Programs”. It was decided to open the Victorian training to the wider Rostrum membership. The Training team included Jan Heer, Jenny Blain, John Blain and David Price.

Examples of how the Frontiers program has been introduced both into Club programs, and the records training officers are keeping verifying all topics are completed before certificates are awarded. We showed recordings of activities from the frontiers program and participants were asked to coach the speeches. The coaching was then open for general discussion. The principal of “Coach the Coacher” was applied which led to open discussion by all attendees.
The video is at

6. August’s training on “How to run an effective meeting” I facilitated with trainers Debbie Welsh and Jimmy Li.

Points covered, - the role of the chairman in both a formal and informal meeting. Interactive discussion on “Question and Answers” related to the correct chairmanship when dealing with motions. Role plays of meetings and discussions on how these meeting should be chaired following correct meeting procedure. Concluding with a summary of resources available on the Rostrum web site. The training followed a power point presentation which was then distributed to all attendees. 27 attendees.

7. On Saturday 9th October via zoom covered the topic of “The making of a strong Rostrum Club”.
These courses have been developed based on the needs raised in the October 2019 Victorian Coaches Forum. These sessions would not have happened without the knowledge and willingness of the many trainers who have assisted in the past 12 months.

8. On Saturday 13th November 2021 the next Coach Accreditation course is planned. 

Jan Heer – Vic Training Convenor



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