Competitions, Conventions and Workshops. Meetings and Success Stories.

A busy few months for Rostrum. The ARC workshops provide networking possibilities for members across Australia, the sharing of ideas and tips to enhance meetings and prepare clubs for visitors. Organising a convention is a great achievement and a generous donation of time and expertise to Rostrum. Presenting a National Workshop is a great opportunity to expand your personal network and learn from others. It is fantastic to see new Rostrum faces putting up their hands to run events, workshops and conventions.  Each of these activities provide an opportunity for our members to learn or alternatively to showcase the skills they bring to Rostrum. So much talent!

Congratulations to Bill Smith of Queensland, one of our senior members, on being among the first to complete the Launchpad activities since the introduction of the Frontiers training program. A reminder to all members to ask your Club President request your certificate from the Zone Secretary when you complete the program. The Certificate is sized to fit into your compendium. 

In recent months I have seen a video that a new, more confident member made for her new youtube channel, heard a member thank Rostrum for online expertise and advice on presentations which assisted with excellent results in academic studies, saw a previously nervous member present to a large audience, listened to impressive speeches and enjoyed learning more about my fellow club members. Online clubs have trialled games and interactive activities which some members have taken to their workplace to assist with team building.

I am in Melbourne so we wait for face to face meetings but many clubs now have members from outside their area and hybrid meetings offer an opportunity to expand the club membership. Our current tips on hybrid meetings are on the website (log in before clicking the link) at Tips for hybrid meetings or on the Rostrum blog the hybrid meeting tips.  I was able to join in regional board meetings by suggesting this simple technology. Discuss with your zone any requirements for internet access if this is not available for your club.

The year is coming to a close. Remember to celebrate your successes for 2021. It has been an interesting year for many of us. Help keep my spirits up! Share your success stories with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through Paul, our newsletter editor via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have photos that is great. If you are happy for us to share either the stories or the photos on Facebook or Instagram let us know. Sharing our success stories is a great way to let people know about this great organisation.


Jenny Blain

Australian Rostrum Council President 




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