Students in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, the ACT, NSW and Tasmania will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills through the RVOY program in 2022. The registration system is open, and students are responding positively. With Zone Finals scheduled for June, we aim to meet in Sydney on July 30th for the National Final. 

Will you be part of the RVOY team in 2022 that provides young people with the opportunity to be involved?

T RVOY start 2022 image001Zone President, Will Cassidy provides feedback to RVOY participants. he Zone Coordinators and their teams have the belief that in these uncertain times students will be keen to have a challenge.  Students need an outlet to voice their opinions and for their own mental well-being, a sense of normalcy in their lives. Rostrum members are working hard to ensure students are given a chance to have their voices heard.

For 48 years Rostrum members have volunteered their time and skills to ensure Rostrum’s greatest outreach program continues. 

It is so rewarding to see former participants as news reporters on our television screens, lawyers, teachers and young businesspeople contributing to society in such an eloquent and effective manner.

Our Rostrum volunteers have in small way contributed to their success. 

Jenny Fraser

(National Coordinator of RVOY)

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