The Australian Rostrum Council voted in 2021 to establish an annual national speaking competition where winners from heats in each of the Zones will compete to establish the national winner. The competition is currently being organised and will provide an additional opportunity for members to view the talent that exists in our Rostrum organisation. Talk to your Zone president about the details.

onlinespeakingAs you will be aware, speaking online is an important skill in today's business and social worlds! We have all had a chance to be familiar with this environment and the opportunities it brings to extend to a wider audience. The online club meetings have had visitors from Europe and China join into the meetings - and we have learnt that daylight saving moves in different directions in different hemispheres making club meeting times confusing!

The skills differ from those in a face to face forum but nevertheless effective communication in the online medium is an important skill for our community and hence our members. The website has several resources available in the member area to assist you with your online speaking skills.

Keep an eye out for your Zone competition details and register your interest with your Zone president.

Jenny Blain

Australian Rostrum Council President 


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