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April 2020


Dear Neil

Welcome to Rostrum Australia's new format Newsletter, Taking ACTION.


From the President

2020 is the 90th year of Rostrum in Australia. This is an amazing milestone and a tribute to the vision of the original team who built a community to support our members to grow in skills and confidence.

As incoming President of the Australian Rostrum Council (ARC), I wish to salute the great service of David Matters and his leadership over the past three years. David and his team at the ARC have laid the groundwork and set us on the path for reinvigoration and growth.

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Rostrum SA/NT Club 18's Golden year celebration, 4th January 2020

Rostrum Club 18 anniversary - members captivated by the occasion of Club 18's Golden Year

On Saturday, 4th January, 44 members and former members of Rostrum Club 18 and their friends and supporters, including the current Zone President, seven former Zone Presidents, (three from the Club) and four members of the Club who had won the Speaker of the Year Competition, sat down with the President, Daniel McLean, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of Club 18, at an indoor picnic/barbeque of spare ribs, lightly spiced chicken and sausages.

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Rostrum Club Promotion - Robert Bogner Member SA/NT Rostrum Club 11

Rostrum SA/NT Clubs 11 and 34 - enjoy personal contact (October 2019)

I am very interested in putting effort into where it is most effective to grow Rostrum. From my own experience, being involved in encouraging 9 members over some 28 years, I believe that every one was gained through personal contact.  My belief is that we can bring new Rostrum members through our personal contacts, rather than putting effort into exploring more diverse advertising. However, there are challenging questions to discuss within Rostrum.

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RUOK - Rostrum will find a way! - Fmn Bill Smith Rostrum Historian

Fmn Joe Wilkins Club 3 (deceased) and Fmn Bill Smith Club 3, enjoying Rostrum fellowship

Rostrum membership over the past 90 years provided an outlet for building fellowship as well as an avenue for learning and developing solutions for communities' problems.

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Tribute for Fmn Don Watson - Foundation member - Rostrum Clubs of WA

Fmn Don Watson - a giant in Rostrum, Foundation Member Rostrum Clubs of WA

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away on March 31st of our Foundation Member, Life Member and Freeman, Don Watson. He was 97. Don was a giant in Rostrum in the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

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Tribute for Ray Barham - Coronavirus claims a Rostrum Champion

Coronavirus claims Ray Barham, a Rostrum Champion.

The NSW Rostrum network is saddened by the loss of one of our senior members - Ray Barham, who lost his battle with Coronavirus on Tuesday 18 March. He was the 5th Australian to die from the virus. It is hard to imagine NSW Rostrum without Ray in our midst. He was an active member of several Clubs, an Accredited Critic/Coach, an accomplished public speaker and one of the most easily recognised faces in our network.

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Rostrum at 90 - Victorian archives and a challenge from 1943

Is your club up for a challenge? Do you want to try something different and stretch your club members while you have a little more time to think. Well here is a challenge from the past. 1943 to be precise.

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10 tips for Rostrum ZOOM Meetings - Rostrum Clubs of WA - Ben Riley

1. Set up in a room where you aren’t going to be interrupted (the kitchen table probably isn’t the best place!)

2. Ensure your camera (video) and microphone (sound) work (we want to see you and hear you)

3. Check the background of your video and that there’s nothing there that you don’t want the rest of your audience to see (no distracting pets or paintings in the background please)

4. Mute your microphone when you’re not speaking (it can be embarrassing if you think you’re muted but you’re not…)

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ZOOM Meeting experiences VIC, NSW, SA/NT, QLD Clubs - Online Rostrum Club #1

Rostrum Clubs across Australia are now meeting over ZOOM. Our Rostrum coaching and knowledge of ZOOM techniques have developed from 'lessons learnt' in the Online Rostrum Club #1, over the past two years. Like our founders some 90 years ago, we seek new horizons to grow Rostrum in today's community.

Our ARC President Jenny Blain and National Webmaster, Neil Murray are promoting the idea of continuing our Rostrum experience via these virtual meetings.  They add their voices to the chorus from all Rostrum Zones, supporting this notion.

'Read more' to understand the experiences from Club 68 Victoria, Club 21 NSW, Clubs 9 and 32 SA/NT and Clubs 3, 10 and 17 (Queensland) and four Rostrum Clubs in ACT. All Rostrum ZONES are now using ZOOM. More Rostrum Clubs may detail their ZOOM journey in June Edition.

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Editor Paul Halliday - April 2020

PHH   adj  IMG 3931Thanks for contributions. 2020 is Rostrum’s 90th year of community service. ZOOM bridges the tyranny of time and distance and can unite us.

Is it time for a common Rostrum promotion strategy across all Rostrum activities?  

Please write to the Editor with your thoughts.

Next Edition is June 2020, submissions close 10th June 2020This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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