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August 2020


Dear Neil

Welcome to the latest edition of Taking ACTION, Rostrum Australia's national newsletter.


From the President - Aug 2020

What a 90th year for Rostrum!

Can you believe so much has happened this year?  I have been privileged to work with the ARC and its committees in several areas over the last few months.

We have managed to keep our Rostrum community connected throughout a very difficult time thanks to the efforts of many of our members, especially our National Webmaster and his team that assisted clubs during the transition. Many clubs have experienced higher attendance rates during this period. This pandemic has shown the value of Rostrum in our community as members worked hard to keep their clubs connected.

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Welcome our new Freeman Rosalie Roberts QLD Zone

In need of some good news? Freemen from across Australia joined the Queensland Management Committee to welcome our newest Freeman Rosalie Roberts at her induction this July. While we had no formal dinner we were able to gather together representatives from several states to help make this an important occasion.

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Priceless Programming Ideas

Are you looking for new program ideas to liven up your meetings? If yes, subscribe to the Priceless Programming Ideas & you'll receive a regular emails with links to program ideas from Rostrum clubs around the country.

Freeman David Price, our National Training and Marketing Manager has collated many programing ideas over the years. 104 Exercises To Make Your Rostrum Meetings Fun and Exciting is a popular download on the Rostrum website (members-only - you'll need to log in).

With the Priceless Programming Ideas email you'll receive a new idea every four or so days.

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Rostrum Voice of Youth - a wonderful marketing opportunity for Rostrum

Rostrum Voice of Youth provides a wonderful marketing opportunity for Rostrum. RVOY places the Rostrum name and purpose in thousands of schools across Australia.

  • A smart Rostrum publicity officer can use RVOY to generate publicity in local papers;
  • RVOY is an exemplary public demonstration of Rostrum’s skills within the community;
  • RVOY provides links with local government, sponsors, teachers, parent and students;
  • Government receptions recognise RVOY participants;
  • A great project for new members to be involved and inspired by our youth;
  • A great networking opportunity to connect members across your zone.

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Rostrum Survey

How long have you been in Rostrum? How satisfied / dissatisfied are you with Rostrum? How well does your club program meet your needs?

In May the ARC conducted a member survey to see whether Rostrum was meeting your needs and how we could improve Rostrum? 

Response to our national survey gave some interesting results....

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QLD Rostrum Club 10 Committee plans growth on ZOOM

There was Strong attendance for Club 10 Committee meeting on the 19th May 2020 over ZOOM.

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Nick Cooper inducted into SA Club 31 on ZOOM

At the meeting of Burnside Rostrum Club 32 last night, President Phil Heath inducted Nick Cooper as a member. A school teacher at Seymour College, Nick was previously an Engineer, but despite his academic record, felt he needed to brush up on his public speaking. An ideal new member, wouldn’t you say? Anyway Nick and our members are delighted that has has joined us.

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QLD Rostrum Club 3 goes HYBRID

Rostrum Club 3 members returned to Ithaca Hall on the 11th June 2020 with good rules for COVID-19 separation and cleansing.

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Centenarian Celebrations Stan Blackford, SA Rostrum Club 9 on ZOOM

SA Rostrum Club 9 enjoyed a wonderful Zoom meeting with well loved Centurion, Stan Blackford. On the 26th of May 1920, Stan Blackford was born in Calcutta (now Kolkata). He emigrated to Adelaide after conspicuous service as a Captain in the Indian Army during the Second World War. In fact, he wrote a book about his experiences and as Tom said, it is a great read. Now out of print, it is titled “One Hell of a Life: An Anglo-Indian Wallah's Memoir” and many copies were sold (or given away by Stan).

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Editor Paul Halliday July 2020 - Can Rostrum unite around a single vision?

An organisation's vision is the big picture of what they want to achieve. Core Values are the principles and values leaders will follow, when they carry out activities. A federated structure gives responsibility and accountability, but can we unite around a common Rostrum vision and core values?

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