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Queensland Rostrum is a personal development organisation with a difference.

Many of us today realise that we would be much more effective in our jobs, our community or social groups and within our families if we had a little more confidence. Doing courses however can be scary, and buying books can give us a great deal of the theory but confidence doesn't come in a packet, it has to be developed through social interaction.

Rostrum is about bringing people together in small groups to learn the skill of speaking to groups, giving presentations and facilitating meetings all within a socially friendly environment. Whether your specific need is public speaking, presentation skills, leadership, chairmanship or any one of the multitudes of personal development skills, they all start from a simple foundation of self-confidence. If you're still wondering about the benefits of joining Rostrum, we urge you to watch this video from one of our long-standing members, Eddie Fee. In it he describes how he progressed from someone who was truly nervous about addressing an audience to a confident speaker. See Eddie describe the benefits which he has gained from belonging to Rostrum. 



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QLD Forthcoming Events

Sat Aug 06, 2022 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
QRMC meeting

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