Rostrum Anthology

This book is dedicated to the thousands of men and women who have participated in Rostrum clubs and recognises their contribution to other members, their club, and their society more broadly. It also acknowledges the contribution made to them by their participation and the feedback of other members. Chester Porter, a long term member and a famous Sydney QC for over 50 years said, “ I think the best public speaking teacher I had was the Rostrum Movement”.

This book celebrates the many members who joined Rostrum to develop communications skills and gently gain confidence in what turns out to be a fun, enjoyable and supportive environment.

Rostrum is a broad and inclusive community organisation dedicated to the idea that the world is a better place when people can express and exchange ideas freely. It is a community of clubs which welcomes all of those who would like to speak clearly and confidently wherever they may be.

This collection is an anthology of the events and people who have joined in and contributed to the expression of our goal.

We acknowledge that thousands of people have participated generously and fully in Rostrum throughout its history, and it was difficult to select from our sources and archives, material that would meet the purpose of the book. This collection represents a selection of the best of Rostrum and honours all of its members. 

Rostrum’s journey is a fascinating one and the people who have been part of that journey share a strong belief in the importance of free speech and involvement in the world around them.

The authors hope you enjoy the story.