Club 33 has resumed normal meetings at the British Hotel in Port Adelaide.

We have held two hybrid Zoom meetings to date. Thanks to the enthusiasm and resourcefulyness of club members we've managed our hybrid meetings to date with equipment that members own or have been able to borrow - the club hasn't had to buy anything yet.

We have

  • two omnidirectional microphones - one at the chairperson's end and the other at the speaker's end. (If the person chairing the meeting has a laptop a separate microphone isn't essential).
  • laptops at each end for camera / screen / sound (but see comment below)
  • other members around the table have tablets / laptops - to see and hear the speakers joining via Zoom.
  • we all connect to the meeting using the venue's wifi. ?

At one meeting we had a digital camera on a tripod, connected to a member's phone. The digital camera is able to zoom in on the speaker at the other end - with this setup you don't need to use the camera on on the laptop at the speaker's end. To date we've had all speakers & the coach move to the end to speak so they are on camera.... (Probably also good from a Covid-safe perspective).

We're still learning as we go. As the meeting host I found muting / unmuting people difficult on my tablet... Easy enough to mute everyone, but I can only ask people to unmute themselves.... Make sure to unmute the static laptop at the speaker's end (the one with the microphone connected) before the meeting starts!

Microphone @ speaker's end, connected to laptop.

Microphone @ speaker's end, connected to laptop. The screen faces down the table so some members get a view of Zoom. If you mute everyone make sure to un-mute this! Also turn the camera off if you have the laptop set up like this - if it's on people on Zoom will see upside-down images.

Looking down the tableLooking down the table


At the other end - microphone, laptop & camera on tripod.At the other end - microphone, laptop & camera on tripod.

What Next?

The venue has a wall-mounted TV. It's not near where the tables are set up for our meetings, but we'll see if we can connect to it. If that doesn't work the club will look into purchasing a monitor and good speaker - there may be some grants available for that.

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