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Thursday 11 November 2021, 06:00pm - 08:00pm
Contact Margaret Davidson - 0411 839 933

The Albert Apponyi Impromptu Speaking Contest has been held every year since 1981 in memory of Rostrum Club 6 past member Freeman Albert Apponyi. Albert was an outstanding coach and a brilliant impromptu speaker. The winner of this competition will hold the perpetual trophy created by Albert’s son Silvio, a world-renowned sculptor.

St Johns Anglican.jpegCome and enjoy a relaxing fun event in the beautiful, fresh, Spring air.

We will gather in the garden South of St John’s Anglican Church, 379 Halifax Street, Adelaide, prior to 5:50 pm for a 6:00 pm start.

Competition rules are available on the Rostrum website.


  • By 5:50 pm there should be parking spaces on Halifax St.
  • Please note that some private properties have restricted parking permits.
  • We can arrange access to a building if it is very wet.
  • Some seating available but please bring a chair if you can.
  • Limited refreshments will be provided in accordance with COVID – 19 requirements.
  • We hope to finish before the sun sets at about 8:00 pm.

No booking required to this free event. Just bring your friends and come to speak or listen.

Location St John’s Anglican Church, 379 Halifax St, Adelaide

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