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These tips will help you get started with your speaking project. Rostrum will help you practise!

You need to consider many things when writing a speech and planning how you will deliver it. 

The first 30 to 60 seconds of your speech are often the most critical. Read on for some suggestions to give your speech the best start possible.

A speaker needs to be aware of the various barriers to communication that exist and the best way to overcome each of those barriers.

Whether you are the bride, groom, best man, or possibly a friend of the family, this is one of the most important speeches you'll ever do. Find out how to make it great.

Impromptu or Short Notice speeches are seen by most novice speakers as the most frightening of any exercises they could be assigned.

Humour is not just for comedians, but proceed with care! If used wisely and with great skill, humour can turn a good speech into an unforgettable speech.

Everyone admires a person who can speak effectively without using notes. Unfortunately, not many of us can attain this pinnacle of speaking achievement!

If we are to become effective speakers we must be aware of how the voice is produced, how the voice should be used and how the voice can be enhanced.

The most common problem identified by people wishing to learn the art of Public Speaking is nervousness.

The use of gesture is an important part of public speaking. Master it, and you will be communicating more information more effectively to your audience.

These speakers make us get out of our chairs and DO something. Let us examine some of the things that the motivational speaker needs to consider.

Using PowerPoint in your presentations can help to support your message or, if done badly, can distract and confuse your audience. What can PowerPoint do for you?

There is a growing demand for people with facilitation skills. Here you will find an introduction to being a strong chairperson and facilitator.

Mainstream media is more accessible than ever these days. Make your next radio or television appearance something people will remember for all the right reasons.

The best speaking tip

The best speaking tip you will ever get is "practise, practise, practise".  That's the benefit of Rostrum.  When you have something important to say you can practise it in an encouraging environment with your Rostrum teammates.

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