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Rostrum has two dedicated online clubs. The first online club commenced in 2018, and while it's a Victorian club we have members join us from all states and overseas. The Queensland Online Club commenced in 2024 for Queensland members who are unable to attend local meetings, but members from any state are welcome to join. The two clubs meet on different nights, so if one night doesn't suit you.... In addition to the two online clubs, many clubs run hybrid meetings where some members join the meeting on-line.

Why have On-line Clubs?

Several years ago we set up a Rostrum online club. Online meetings and webinars were becomnig common. Meetings now take place online quite regularly. Like traditional meetings, they aren’t always run well. We at Rostrum have considerable accumulated experience in getting the message across effectively in the traditional speaking and meeting space. This was an opportunity for Rostrum to adapt our organisation’s meeting and speaking skills to make a similar contribution online.

What can I expect at a meeting?

Our on-line meetings follow a standard Rostrum meeting format, with some adjustments for the technology.

What do I need to join?

We use Zoom to host meetings. Zoom works on computers (Windows, Mac & Linux) and mobile devices. Zoom is free to download and is generally superior to joining via a browser.

From time to time we may try other services, however all the main videoconferencing services work across a range of devices.

Meeting Time
1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm AEST
via Zoom. Contact the club for details
Send Email
Bernie 0417 609 316
2nd & 4th Monday of the month at 7.00 PM AEST
via Zoom. Contact the club for details
Send Email
Chris Clohesy 0402 764 695

Rostrum Online